Friday, June 8, 2007

Expanding Boundaries

We have talked in depth about how technology can get kids excited about coming into the classroom. This is clearly true. The power of computer technology can spark student imagination and ultimately move them toward greater learning.

Using technology can also be a huge motivator for teachers. Not only do new methods of teaching provide a welcome change in the classroom, but students become much more engaged in the material. Teachers can constantly change and update their lessons, and look forward to each school day with renewed enthusiasm. With teachers providing such a positive atmosphere, students are encouraged to learn and grow as individuals. Technology expands the boundaries of our creativity and the imaginations of our students beyond the walls of the classroom.

Education is the only sure avenue of opportunity for disadvantaged children and is the only way to improve their social and economic condition. By adding technology to the classroom, students are not only excited about learning, but also gain vital computer and technological skills necessary for success in this world. We can expand the possibilities of learning, and thus the possibilities for students’ success, by using technology in new and imaginative ways.


Joseph Miller said...

Amazing post! Some days it is easy to lose sight of the real value of a good education. Thanks for reminding me who we work for and why it is so important.

Thanks, Joe

Kelly Schwichtenberg said...

Great post Fred! Many recent nights I have had to peel myself from working on my lessons or even my website so I can try to have a good night sleep. I'm pretty certain I'm not the only one!

Dave Tarwater said...
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Dave Tarwater said...

Fred, excellent thoughts. I really do think a good technology integration plan can be an impetus and rebirth for teachers as well as students. Are you sensing any of this amongst our group of excellent teachers?