Saturday, June 23, 2007

TIE Film Festival Session (June 22, 2007)

On Friday we had about 14 participants attend the session titled "District-wide Film Festival". We introduced Adams 14 and the vision for film making in our district. We have a vision of students and teachers working together to produce quality films to be shared with the world. Here are the slides that introduce Adams 14, spell out our vision, and discuss lessons learned. During the session we also asked the participants to produce a short Public Service Announcement about Why Teachers and Administrators should attend TIE. We pre-shot the footage and gave them 45 minutes to storyboard and edit a 30-60 second PSA (not a lot of time). We had three groups complete their projects. Two of the videos are shown below (we had technical difficulties with one of the videos).

Why do you think teachers and administrators should attend TIE (Technology in Education Conference)? Why does technology in the classroom matter?

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