Thursday, June 21, 2007

Film Festival Presentation Part II (TIE Colorado June 22, 2007)

During the presentation at TIE today we will ask the partiipants to storyboard and create a 30-60 second PSA. We pre-shot footage and created project files in Microsoft Movie Maker. In addition, we created our own 60 second PSA from the footage we captured. John and I planned together, but John edited the final product. We loaded the final product to (see below).


Emily Taylor said...

Nice film! How long have you been involved in TIE? Who attends the conference and what is discussed? Are global learners going to have the opportunity to attend?

Joseph Miller said...

Hopefully the Global Learners will be presenting at TIE in the future. If you were to train teachers on integrating technology in the classroom what would you be an "expert" on?

Emily Taylor said...

I wish I considered myself an expert! As I continue to learn how to use technology myself and teach using 21st century learning tools perhaps I will become an expert. Right now I understand the basics of digital storytelling and am slowly learning more as I work with student filmmakers. Through experience I have been gaining knowledge about what works well and what doesn't. I feel the best way to become an "expert" is to try teaching in new ways using techhnology so you can learn from experience. I am so happy to have the opportunity and support to do that! Thank you! I'm looking forward to gaining more experiences with technology I am less familiar with.