Monday, June 4, 2007

Live and in Person

Tonia Johnson has released her website "live". You can take a look here.

Tonia has some great ideas going and I'll just bet there will be more to come this summer. Be sure to look at some of the Blog comments her students have made. I'm sure Tonia will be glad to have you visit her site. What are you other Global Learners planning for your Web 1.0 presence?


Jill said...

Very cool Tonia! Great Job getting this up and running. I love the student comments on your blog.

Israel said...

Yeah Great job Tonia!! Do you have the students post as Home Work or do they get time in class?

Emily Taylor said...

I am so impressed with your web site! On your home page I enjoyed reading about your educational beliefs and I can imagine that your students and parents/families of your students would too! Your blog has many interesting student comments on current and engaging topics.