Thursday, June 7, 2007

podcasting and filmmaking in the classroom

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, I will offer classes at the Global Learners PD on podcasting and filmmaking. We will use two free software products in the class: Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.
Should anyone have the inclination to get a bit ahead over the weekend, download Audacity (your computer should come complete with Windows Movie Maker) and the accompanying Lame dll for mp3 exporting. Install these and have some good fun editing audio.
In next week's sessions, I will guide you through both products, but here are some great tutorial sites for your use.
In addition, there's a good one that's all streaming video instruction:
Movie Maker:
In keeping with the 21st Century focus, two of the tutorial sites are predominantly streaming video libraries. These should prove helpful in your quest to help your students become content producers for the modern world.
Enjoy - see you Monday and Tuesday.

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