Monday, August 30, 2010

So far, so good

Here's the update on my 'technological life.'
1. Smartboard! I'm loooving having it in my room full-time and it's a bonus that it is mounted to my wall. I use it for every lesson I do and I know that it has increased the engagement in my room. Not to mention my planning has become less paper and more computer. Like Deborah, I have created daily lessons that follow the 90 minute reading block. It's fun to be able to share them with my teammates too.

2. Smart slate- it's a teacher's best friend.I can be anywhere in the room while working with the smartboard. I love that I can stand behind my students to observe their behavior while still maintaining a lesson that is effective.

3. Smart response. Eeek. Today was our first day ever using them. Enough said. (Thanks for your help, Kelly. It was rough, I know.)

I am looking forward to implementing the 'clicker's more...anyone want to come in to help me? It's me against 26 7-year-olds armed with (what they refer to as) "cell phones!"


Kelly Berry said...

I'm ready to come back any time Kelsey! Maybe the next assessment can be a pre-assessment, then you complete your unit and we'll follow-up with a post-assessment. I am available for any and all of these clicker assessments and learning opportunities! Since we have similar teaching styles, your kids will be into "clicker shape" in no time! Great to hear your SMART slate and SMART board are working out well as teaching tools.

Jon Fisher said...

Kelsey, I'm hoping to get a set of the Smart response clickers from the Star Teacher program. Then I may need to join you and Kelly for a training session.