Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st and 2nd grade video resources to accompany Storytown reading program

I’m excited for this year and have already begun incorporating technology in a couple of ways: First I am using Excel to house and display my student reading assessments. I needed a little refresher on conditional formatting in version 2007 so I just watched a quick Atomic Learning video. (Don’t forget our new login is at Just login with your district network login credentials). Next, I’m using the SmartBoard quite a bit for math and literacy. A great resource I also use quite a bit is’s video library. Last spring Tara Ward and I put together a list of video resources for first and second grade to accompany the Storytown reading program. These video clips are largely from Discovery education and YouTube. The resources can be found here:

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Kelly Berry said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful resources, including some you created! Keep up the resource train:) Sharing and collaboration ultimately mean working smarter, not harder!