Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smartboard Obsolete????

Its not a matter of if, more a matter of when

I ran across a projector that integrates the features of a smartboard without the need for the actual board. It embeds interactive features a smartboard has into just a projector allowing for any existing wall or screen to be used as a smartboard..

Product description: In the past, you needed a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive learning environment. Now, make almost any wall interactive with the BrightLink 450Wi. This high-performance projector + pen combination integrates interactive functionality in one machine without the constraints or expense of an interactive whiteboard. With ultra-short throw distance, extraordinary size flexibility, and fully-loaded projector technologies, BrightLink redefines a true all-in-one solution able to engage your learning community. Expand room coverage further, faster and bring interactive capabilities to more students and classrooms.

Here is the link to the product: epson brightlink

I was really intrigued by this as I have been struggling to figure out how to best place the smartboard I was assigned through the global learner project.

I love the smartboard and am planning on using a ton this year but have been stuck on how to best maximize its use and and visibility in my classroom. There doesn't seem to be a perfect place...

It would be really nice to be able to project on my existing boards without the need to roll something into place with wires etc.

Anyone have a spare 2000 for this so we can beta test it for the district??? I would volunteer the use of my room :-) and could even pull down a few posters to make room for it.

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Kelly Berry said...

There are many products available to create any space into an interactive board. At the ISTE conference in June, there was already an app. for the Ipad! Just need a wall. Some day it would be great for everyone to have just a projector mounted that did everything! Perhaps a new grant will help us get closer.