Thursday, August 9, 2007

Using a video iPod in the classroom

I forgot that I was supposed to do this post earlier this summer. The only ways that I can think to use the iPod are recording tests so that disabled readers could have the test individually read to them which would allow them to work at their own pace and also allow them to remain in the classroom. Lessons could be recorded and put on the iPod for students who were absent. I'm assuming that work done on the smartboard could also be saved and downloaded to the iPod. What about power point presentations? When I put the question to people on a science listserve I also got the idea of virtual fieldtrips. I'll go back and read previous posts to see what other ideas there were.

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Jeff Lewis said...

I have downloaded pieces of videos about the planets so that students could view them in pairs as part of their research on another planet. The videos are organized in playlists for easy access.

There are some exciting possibilities with the use of the ipods. Thanks for bringing this to the conversation again.