Friday, August 31, 2007

SOT---Support our Teammates

One of my teammates is so excited by our efforts she has begun her own blog. Check it out and encourage our teachers to become more reflective and in-touch with the "real world" (even the though the "real world" has gone virtual -- perhaps I will blog about his intriguing)

Check out Nadja's Blog:

by the way I am very upset that I cannot get twitter to post my messages...from anywhere. I'm beginning to have withdrawal symptoms...this may require an intervention:
"Hello, my name is Tonia, I am a tweet-aholic"


Kelly Schwichtenberg said...

I have also begun getting fellow teachers involved. So many teachers are anxious to hear what we have been doing. It's fun to have them enter the room and say, "Wow, what are you doing now?" At our school some teachers use Reading Buddies, which are classrooms at least two grades apart that participate in reading and/or writing activities. This year some of us plan to incorporate technology and become Reading and Technology buddies. Such a clever name, I know!

Dave Tarwater said...

The seed is growing, great to get our fellow educators involved. I commented on Nadja's blog today. The first step to recovery is admission.

Joseph Miller said...

I have added Nadja's blog to my RSS aggregator under the Global Learner heading. It is so exciting to see the enthusiasm spread. I am always open to feedback on how to keep up the momentum and grow the project.