Sunday, August 5, 2007

Alsup Fourth Grade Wiki

I have created a wiki for the fourth grade to engage in online collaboration around the creation of our IB units. This seems like a perfect way for us to continue to develop these units and have our information in one place with the ability to pull it up any time. This summer I have worked on developing two units specifically: I Am Seeing Stars, a study of the Solar System and, A Timeline Study of History, a study of historical people of Colorado. I have done these on my own without consulting anyone... hardly a collaborative effort. But, I am hoping that this space will encourage everyone who has taught these units, or anyone else for that matter, to go in and add information, great ideas, resources and inspiration.

Go to Mr. Lewis' World Learners blog for a link and more information.


Joseph Miller said...

Juat left you a comment over at your classroom blog. This is such a cool wiki. I think when you start a wiki you have to do a lot of the work solo to get it off the ground and then others will join.

I bet teachers from across Colorado would love to participate in this knowledge creation process.

Jeff Lewis said...

Great insight Joe. How powerful for students and teachers across the state to participate in this collaborative effort.

Emily Taylor said...

I left a longer comment on your classroom blog. I am so excited and impressed with your Wiki! Thank you for getting it started and thinking up this great collaborative idea!