Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer work

This is a cross post between global learners and the achs math technology blog at
I wanted to share some of the things that I worked on over the summer. One of the most universal things I wanted was practice with google docs where I typed in the question prompts of the Bloom's taxonomy. The document is published at My intention is to be able to print, cut, shuffle, or display in my room and have the students use these and try to progress up this chart (or down depending on your orientation.) Let me know if this it is helpful to have this typed and if it is helpful in the classroom.

I have also worked on my website (which has my voki), my blog for my classes the blog for the math department to communicate the use of this technology and the achs new teacher wiki at
I have also spent some obscene amount of hours on my new favorite site,, which is like myspace for moms. After playing with it for a while, I feel like I get it! Ah Hah! The web 2.0 and social networking! It is smaller than myspace so I can get my head around it and quickly got addicted. So, I like to think those hours were/are well spent in being able to relate to my students.


Joseph Miller said...

Regina, Checkout this thread at Think:Lab.

C Long is on the same wave length as you. I see real potential for collaboration here.

Joseph Miller said...

The link was cutoff. Blog post title "Apperently its got legs"

Stewart said...

Joe, I've waded through all of the August and July posts on that site and I can't find it anywhere...?