Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Experience With Class Blog and Learning Grids

This summer I taught a 5 week pre-college Anatomy Course, I decided to utilize the learning grids on excel, similar to what Kelly Star with schoolkit had shared with us. The overall quality of learning and student engagement was great. Due to constraints 0ne student was not able to complete the assignment on the computer and was allowed to do a paper/pencil version. It was only as this student turned in the assignment that he said "so basically this was just a vocabulary activity". None of the other students figured out that this learning activity was just a way for me to expose them to the essential vocabulary. To me this illustrated that if the learning is fun, engaging and something out of the ordinary the students are likely to learn without even realizing they are learning.
The second type of technology I used was a Blog, I was able to post lecture notes, helpful websites and finally required studnets to place their ppwerpoint presentations to the Blog. Each student was also required to comment on at least one other presentation. Overall it was easy to manage and even though it was a very short durration, generated some good discussion. I think I will use both of these technologies this year.

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Joseph Miller said...

Encouraging results. Would love to see some of those learning grids. I was impressed with the blog and the work the students did. I was expecially impressed with the discussion on OCD:

Very cool back and forth with the students. Great work!