Friday, August 31, 2007

Embedded HTML! Finally!

Ok, for some this may not be a huge deal, but for me the most challenging aspect of learning all of our technology tools has been embedding htmls. Of course now that I have done it on my own, it is quite easy.

Right now we are working on our IB unit called "I'm in Charge". We took a few photos today of students "doing what they were supposed to do, when they were supposed to do it!" I have been very impressed with the reaction of students - they sure don't want to miss out on what comes next!

Check out our slideshow!

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Joseph Miller said...

Cool slide show insert. That class looks so "on it"!

Tonia Johnson said...

this is amazing! I so want to steal this idea...even high schoolers need to see what it looks like to be respectful!
This would be a great way to reteach your expectations throughout the year!

Dave Tarwater said...

Even adults need to see what it looks like to be respectuful, great stuff!

Mr. Tomas said...

Very cool slide show!