Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally a class blog

ok ok no more football updates on this page, summer is over and it's time to focus, stay on task, and be productive. Check out this page for my actual class blog,Gee-Im-A-Tree any comments or feedback is appreciated, I plan on using this as an extra credit, 1st day HW. Let's see if we I can get the students to comment, feel free to share some summer stories too! Oh and check out the pic on the bottom, I thinks it's kinda cool how it shows how math subjects grow from others. good luck as we start the year.


Jeff Lewis said...

Best title for a Blog ever! Great idea for students to start with an informal entry to get them going. I will be interested to see the posts that your students put on there.

Dave Tarwater said...

Great start with your blog. How will you encourage your students to post and comment?