Thursday, August 9, 2007

Metacognition for me!

Metacognition is something I've been trying to employ with my students for the past two years. I was excited to hear Darren talk about it today. It really hit a "aha" for me! I've been using my blog sparingly, having students comment on current events or other happenings. It was amazing to see Darren use them for students to summarize and create their own learning experiences. I definitely feel like I'm doing my job well when I can step back and give students control of their own learning. (And I'm a lot less tired when the bell rings). I would like to try to use the approach he has been using with his students with my students. This seems like it would fit into every theory, strategy and pedagogy that I've learned in grad school for my ELL students. This would be cognitively demanding! -- and make sure that content is comprehensible!!

On another note, I have resolved to keep my own blog on my experiences and aha moments ... because I deserve to learn to! It would be great to have a record of that learning (just like my students will have at the end of the term)

So, please check out my new blog and aid in my learning!

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