Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where did February go?

Wow, I got to school this morning and realized February was over! Besides enjoying all the snow days, I have really enjoyed the Smart Response clickers in my class. I have been incorporating what I call "quick quizzes" into everyday lessons. Although one student said they really aren't always quick, they quickly provide me with data!The students have really been engaged and excited. They love to see their immediate results. They have really gotten the hang of them, so there is no longer management issues. I have been able to collaborate with my mentee, so we have double the quizzes-which is awesome. I have been able to truly make intentional small groups with the data. I can also see the student growth each day--again awesome! For all these reasons and more the Smart Response clickers are amazing!

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Kelly Berry said...

Thanks for sharing your progress in using the SMART response clickers. Formative assessment is a huge component in any teachers daily instruction, so any tools to help you formulate your data is helpful. What is the average number of questions you incorporate into your "quick quizzes?"