Friday, March 4, 2011

Theme 6 Storytown grade 5

Attention 5th grade teachers!
Colleen Urlik and I have been collaborating on a Storytown project that promises to be very useful, dynamic and interactive... and best of all, it fits with our 90 minute literacy block quite nicely! We're putting together a Smartboard Notebook doc that we can all use in conjunction with teaching storytown every day. It's kind of like the PPTs that some of us use, but it's much more engaging and interactive. It's in its draft stages now, but it will be finished by the time we unroll Theme 6 in April. We'll make sure to post it so everyone has access to it. If you have suggestions or general feedback, please let one of us know :)

Happy CSAPing!



Kelly Berry said...

Awesome update! We look forward to seeing your Notebook presentations and the alignment to the district curriculum.

I have learned new tips and tricks for checking answers and interactivity you're interested! Will you be linking/attaching any Discovery Education videos or worksheets?

Liz Springer said...

Yes, definitely linking sites, Discovery clips for building background, and Think Central interactive activities to formatively assess understanding of robust vocab and focus skills. It is already really interactive!