Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thinkfinity Opportunities

Global Learners:

Here is an opportunity for you to learn more about

eNetColorado and Colorado Thinkfinity continues to offer it's highly successful 3-week Thinkfinity Online course for all Colorado teachers through 2011.

There are slots available in the courses that start April 1. May 1, and June 1.

The 3-week online course provides an overview of and instruction on locating Thinkfinity’s online educational resources and integrating them effectively into instructional activities to support student learning. After completion of this online course, educators will have developed their own original Thinkfinity Integration Plan and be empowered to use Thinkfinity resources in their classroom to enhance student learning.

There is a $50 registration fee and participants will be awarded 30 CDE credits upon successful completion of the course or have the option of registering for 2 graduate credits from Adams State College.

Classes start the first of each month with our next class starting in January and we will offer classes each month in 2011.

Individuals can register for the month they want to take the course at:

Group registrations from districts are also available.

For more information, visit and


Testimonials from past participants:

"Up until now I have never experienced so many resources in one place. The National Content Partners\' sites truly give Thinkfinity the strength to have a content rich library."

"Thinkfinity is a treasure trove of education resources for parents, teachers, and students"

"The reputable Content Partners is the aspect that drew me in and validated the reliability and professionalism of Thinkfinity."

"I see Thinkfinity as an educational travel agency for learning. What a great way to view the journey of learning."

"Bottom line, Thinkfinity is a resource that I can personally use to increase my ability to teach."

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