Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feb Posting (and by Feb I mean March .....oops!)

So February flew by and I apologize for the late posting!

I spent February brainstorming ideas for the Film Fest! While I am completely terrified of the process, I am very excited to incorporate all I have learned into a fun project that can be shared with my students, their families, and the entire district. We are going to do a Public Service Announcement for Earth Day. I will be teaching my students to do research online using united streaming videos and websites. We will organize our research on Storyboards to write a script. The filming should be hysterical as I am having the kids dress up like the Earth, air, water and land! I will be sharing all parts of this process and project for my contribution to Global Learners. A BIG thank you to Kelly already for her amazing ideas and support!



Liz Springer said...


This sounds great! I can't wait to see the final product at FilmFest this April! Good luck :)


Kelly Berry said...

You and your students are such risk-takers! Thank you for sharing the whole process with everyone.