Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Resources

With the tsunami today/last night in Japan, I thought I would share a couple of resources for you folks.

The first is a downloadable interactive from edumedia sciences:  It is a free simulation that you can download.  You can also drag it into a notebook file (it is a flash object).  They make you install a program called ebox to download it, but you can also just run it from the website.  It is a pretty good little interactive to describe how and earthquake leads to a tsunami

The other resource is a free brainpop (my all-time favorite educational website) video on tsunamis found here.  They usually make current event videos free so this will be  a good way to help students understand how the earthquake in Japan caused so much damage.

Here is the brainpop:

Hopefully these will help you if you have the chance to teach about this event.

Jim Haynes


Liz Springer said...

Thanks for posting this. I will definitely use these resources with my students!!

Kelly Berry said...

Thanks for the great resources to use with science. Both sites offer applicable information on a local and global level!