Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where is this year flying off to????

1/2 year almost gone. My room and my promethean board... What would I do without them? I love them. My kids love them. They can almost work it better than I do. During the past 2 weeks during transistion time, my students sneak up to the board and leave messages to me on it, draw on it, create using tools. When for some reason or another it stops working for a minute, a few of my students run to the computer and fix the problem. They love it as much as I do.

I have created rule flip charts for each of my blocks of independent work time. At the beginning of the block - I go through instruction and directions, ask for questions and then place the rule page up. The read and reread and go to work. It is wonderful. The students wrote the rules and monitor their and other behaviors. The rules list the consequences and the positive rewards for following the rules, thus when someone breaks a rule, there is no complaining or excuses.

I have started flip charts as an introduction and teaching tool for most of my subjects in science and social studies - I have begun to embed videos and activote exercises. These also become a study guide to review for a test.

I use it to make notes as I teach and save and then students can review by asking for my notes. It helps for students that are absent as I can print them off for the absent ones and it helps catch them up.

I have heard others say that they will not ever teach without one and would buy one if they did not have one.... I now fully agree! Have a good December!

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Dave Tarwater said...

You certainly have incorporated your Promethean interactive whiteboard into your students' daily routine (and they have as well).