Monday, December 7, 2009

Love this site!

Hey primary teachers! Check out this website:! It has interactive stories, along with follow-up activities. My class has read two stories on it, "The Gingerbread Man" and "The Little Red Hen"and they're begging to read more!

On another note, my kids are using technology like it's second nature! They are more engaged when I have involved the Smart Board in my lessons, especially during our new literacy block. the students' behavior is better as well when they know they have a chance to come up to use the Smart Board! I love it!

At Rose Hill, we are working on fundraisers to raise money for more teachers to have Smart Boards in their room. The Rose Hill technology team will let you all know when events are...BINGO night is coming in the spring!


Dave Tarwater said...

Engaging site, the graphics and audio are excellent. Do you show them on the SmartBoard?

Kelly Berry said...

Have you tried using this as a center for the kids? I'm curious to know if k-2 students can easily access the site on their own.