Friday, December 4, 2009

Book Reports Updated!

I challenged my AVID students to read a book outside of class and create an advertisement Glogster so other students may read and choose new books for themselves. I was really nervous about asking them to do this outside of class as I did not know how many of them would be able to avail themselves to computers. I was pleasently surprised! Not only did 90% of them complete the assignment on their own, but they were excited and anxious to do another. This really cemented my ideas that our students are truly ready to be 21st Century learners; all we need to do is challenge them.

Here's a sample page:


Dave Tarwater said...

Build it and they will come! What options did you give the 10% that did not create a Glog?

Jim said...

Are you using for your projects? There are instructions on the EDU site for resizing Glogs so they fit on wikis, blogs, and webpages.

Jim Dachos
Education Director