Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, one of my goals this year was to learn how to use Voicethread. Thanks to Jon Fisher, I now know how. Jon and I recently did a project using Voicethread. We read a story in Story Town called Jamaica Louise James, and it is about a girl who "beautifies" the subway station with her art work. We both had our classes work in groups to create a picture that could be hung in a place to make it more cheerful. We then uploaded those pictures on Voicethread and had students read a sentence that they created about the picture using at least two Robust vocabulary words that we have learned this year. We have not yet, but will have each others class comment on the pictures and sentences.
Overall, I find Voicethread fairly easy to use. One problem that I had with it, and found VERY frustrating, was that when it came time to upload it on my blog, it would not let me do it. And yes, I was doing this correctly. I tried numerous times and eventually gave up and just cut and pasted the link in my blog. Oh well, I guess nothing is perfect!

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