Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are!!!

Dorothy and I have successfully completed a reader's theater movie of the story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Attached we have included our lesson plan with the script. Enjoy the video by Rose Hill Kindergartner's and Alsup First Grader's.

Our overall thoughts on our project:

Pros -
*students were extremely engaged
*reading expression improved
*students learned/understood story elements and sequence
*web cam worked well
*family involvement to help students remember lines
*student collaboration before, during and after filming (rehearsing, rehearsing,
*Teacher collaboration (within schools and across district)
*Movie Maker transitions were more smooth than anticipated

Con's -
*Teacher's need to more thoroughly adapt the script (some of the lines were cut
off into two clips).
*Wish we had time to make more reader's theater videos!


Emily Taylor said...

Wow! Your movie is fabulous! I love the enthusiasm your students showed and their creativity. How did you use the webcam with the stick puppets?

Dave Tarwater said...

Kelly & Dorothy,

Amazing project, amazing kids! You two set the bar for high expectations of your students.

Kelly Berry said...

We want other people to know we worked really hard.

Mrs. Berry's 1st Grade.

Kelly Berry said...

I want people to know we did a good job and I hope they like it.

Mrs. Berry's 1st Grade