Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ISTE NETS standards -Broken down by grades

Today a few of the Global Learners got together to talk about training for the new Global Learners. We talked a little bit about what some of the goals of using technology to create 21st century learning opportunities. We talked about purposeful integration of technology in Standards-based lessons. Something that I have found helpful and promised to share are the National Technology Standards Profiles for technology literate students. This is a breakdown of the various standards and skill sets for different grade levels. It gives you some examples of learning activities that students should be engaging in to meet these standards at different grade levels.

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Dave Tarwater said...

Thanks Jon,

Another good resource is the NETS•S 2007 Implementation Wiki. The wiki url is:

Check out the new video series on the site as well as the grade level areas and posted lesson plans.