Monday, May 4, 2009

Mr. Palmer's 5th Grade Class TechEd Update

Thought I'd post a few updates on what has been working in my class and what we've struggled with a bit lately. We've done a few projects with online research and publishing our results online. I especially thought the state research project went well. We also have been communicating via email and IM with a class in Georgia (my wife's uncle's 5th grade class) and we're planning on collaborating with them on a project soon.

I've experimented with different technology lessons during small group centers. The last few weeks, we've done some interactive math websites (Math Brain, United Streaming, BrainPOP), watched and reflected on some reading websites (United Streaming, Storyline Online), and published a lot of our writing (the last few weeks to be posted soon on our website).

We use the clickers to show what we've learned each week in a quick postassessment on Friday. We've even developed some of our own questions to be used in CPS for the rest of the class to answer. Just a few of the things we've been trying here in fifth grade. It would be nice to hear some other classroom's ideas and projects.

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