Friday, May 29, 2009

Collaborative Plant Project II

Hi everyone! We have finished our Plant Experiment VoiceThreads! Our class completed six separate VoiceThreads and you can view them on our class blog or click on a link below. Enjoy!

We watched Jon's Plant VoiceThread today. My students found similarities and differences between the experiments in both classes. We left a few comments for Jon and his students, but we hope to leave more and further our discussion about the plant VT's next week!

What if we remove the stem?
Will our plant grow without soil?
Will our plant grow bigger more quickly in a bigger container?
What will happen if we give our plant fruit punch?
Will our plant grow bigger and stronger if we exercise it?
Will our plant grow without light?


Joseph Miller said...

Sweet project. I was surprised that the plant that was fed fruit juice died, but I guess the kids suspect foul play (if I heard that right). The students generated really nice scientific questions and are using important words like hypothesis. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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