Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hi all. Just found this site. Looks interesting and appears to be k-12 friendly and free. Any comments? I want to try it out in the next couple of weeks... However, I need to look into the district's student privacy issues etc. Any info would be appreciated...


from the website


What is is LIVE INTERACTIVE VIDEO FOR EVERYONE. quickly and easily allows anyone with a camera to broadcast to the world. Our users consist of bloggers, podcasters, radio stations, DJ's, citizen journalist, talk show hosts, celebrities, rock bands, entertainers, comedians, churches, political candidates, government officials, conferences, event sponsors, record labels, television networks, colleges, university organizations, fraternities, sororities, charities, community groups, websites, civic groups, priests, monks, bird lovers, ghost hunters, dog watchers, weddings, lifecasters, professionals and amateurs.

How do I Create a Show? What do I Need?

All you need to stream is a computer, internet connection, a microphone and a webcam or video camera. Our system will auto detect your camera type.

To start a new show, click "My Shows". Type the name of your show into the "Create New Show" box and click "Create". Once the information is entered, click "Broadcast Now" to start broadcasting. A broadcast window will appear and request permission to detect your webcam or camera. Select ALLOW. Now click "Start Broadcasting" and you're LIVE!


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