Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poetry and

As we were finishing out CSAP in the fourth grade, I was looking for an engaging project for writing time. So, we wrote poetry. We were reading poetry in every Storytown theme and learning about figurative language. Students were challenged to create a free verse poem about where they are from and also a diamante poem about a subject of their choosing. Students were given specific planners for both poems (there's a great interactive website about diamante poems here). They wrote from the planners and wrote a final draft which was glued to construction paper and displayed in the hall. Then they published their poetry on our class blog.

Once they were finished with their poetry, students created a self portrait using This website is great for so many levels of students and is very interactive. Students build the features of their wild selves, but as they progress they get to pick, not only human features, but also animal features. Students created some pretty interesting pictures! They emailed their creations to me, I cropped them using Jing, and put them with their poetry on the blog.

They did a pretty good job with this. Their free verse poems don't really read as poetry as much as a short autobiography. One student experimented with rhyming. They were challenged with adding figurative language to their peotry which they really struggled with. Buildyourwildself was a hit of course.

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Emily Taylor said...


My students have started a poetry project that utilized We are going to be making glogster posters that include our wild self creations. I really liked seeing your students work in the hallway. My students are very into it also! This is a great time of year to keep the creative writing juices flowing with poetry. I'll have to visit your blog with my class and read your students poetry! I'll let you know when we have our poetry glogsters created in case your class would like to check it out. It will be in a few weeks.

Wesley Robinson said...

Yo Jeff-
My 4th graders are starting a poetry unit soon also, and we love some of the things your students have done. We've taken a peek at your blog, but we'll read more of your students poetry this week and then create some of our own. Great Job!