Monday, May 25, 2009


Here it is! Our poetry Glog. It has been a huge, but mostly exciting, undertaking. The students loved Glogster and were very motivated to use it. At times I thought that the time we put into it wasn't worth the learning outcomes, but once sat down and reflected I realized just how many standards, both technology and literacy, we hit. Next time around I will be able to save a lot of learning and personal time because I know what to expect. Here are my SIOP Lesson Plans:


Joseph Miller said...


That was a great lesson. Thanks for sharing the final product and the lesson plan. I appreciated how you modeled for the students as well.

Everyone should checkout your wetpaint site too. It is well organized and has some great examples of student work.


Dave Tarwater said...

Your students are great Glogsters. I really liked your lesson plan with the tie in to multiple standards including NETS*S.

Liz Springer said...

AWESOME! Great job on this glog! I'm going to use that idea with my 5th graders next year!

Emily Taylor said...

I love how you had each student create a glog, especially since you didn't think you would have enough time. You'll have to show me how you created links on your class glogster going to each of their glogs. My class is looking forward to exploring your students' glogs and reading the comments your students leave!