Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wind, Snow, and Extreme Temperatures!

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you; the title of this global learner post really is wind, snow, and extreme temperatures. That’s because during my latest Spring Break GL project I bravely faced sub-zero wind chills, extreme heat, icy roads, blinding snow, and even gigantic (snow) cats in order to converse with people about technology from all over the U.S., and I dare say, the world. Yes, it’s true, while on the lift, in the lodge, and even in the hot tub I surveyed ordinary people from such places as Mexico City, Ireland, Australia, Kansas, Indiana, Italy, Texas, etc. in a relentless effort to learn first hand about technology use in the niche of people who travel to Vail, Colorado for ski vacations.
The findings:
1. A high school teacher from Maine sometimes uses DVD’s, he guesses.
2. Most people still have never heard of a Smart Board.
3. Ipods are widely used while skiing-regardless of age or ethnicity.
4. Most people are inclined to check emails, text, and do who knows what else on their mobile phones while eating lunch in the lodge-children included.
5. Kids can even text while doing backside 360’s and Mctwists! Okay, I made that up.
6. Check out this terrain park “data” I collected and posted to the web--- Wait, I didn’t do this, but I could have! http://broadbandsports.com/node/4811
7. People continue to get separated from their groups on the slopes even with GPS and cell phones!
8. Most people are impressed with what technology can do for 21st century learners, but few actually encounter anything impressive in their own learning or in the education of children and teens that they know.
9. Most people love the idea of students video conferencing across continents.
10. ACSD14 Global Learners are leaders in 21st Century learning!
Next Steps:
Get a grant that will pay for me to travel the world visiting schools and interviewing locals about technology. Any takers?
What I would change:
I could possibly do such a survey from the comfort of home using…uh, technology! Na, in some cases face to face is just more fun!


Joseph Miller said...

I enjoyed this post. Wait, LOL!

Dave Tarwater said...


Now that's what I'm talkin about. Don't stop with your quest of conversing with the world about technology. I wonder if you have surveyed the clientele at the Country Kitchen in Kittridge, might be interesting.