Friday, March 6, 2009

Technology Leadership

The article above "examines how the knowledge and effectiveness of school leaders impacts whether technology use will improve learning for all students."

It's very interesting to think that regardless of the work we do as Global Learners, it is our administrators' understanding of technology (or lack thereof) that really impacts its integration in the classroom.

If this is true, maybe some of our administrators should interview for some of the GL spots for next year... wouldn't that be something?

The article is very good and I recommend it as a bit of light reading this weekend :)

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Dave Tarwater said...


Timing is everything. I just read Clay Shirky's book "Here Comes Everybody" All stakeholders in education for the 21st Century I think will need to adjust and adapt to a new world. As Shirky points out technology, the internet , and Web 2.0 tools have ushered in a new era. We all need to embrace this new era where tools and ubiquitous access make sharing, conversation, collaboration, and collective action really doable for all groups, icluding the education community.