Saturday, March 28, 2009 and other tools

Have you made a Glogster Poster yet? I was playing around with it and made this one at the link below:

I was able to embed it into my classroom blog, but can't seem to do the same here.
My plan is to have my students make posters as another way to discuss sustainability and green community issues. Then we will upload them to our classroom blog (or Ning site for my 8th graders) and they will have to comment on each other's glog.

I found this through a WizIQ session that you should go back and check out if you need fresh ideas for a wiki or a blog. The moderator of the session shows so many cool new Web 2.0 Apps that I hadn't seen before (LibriVox, Yappr, Glogster), and several others that I've heard of but haven't used much (voicethread, voki, etc). She also offers help to anyone who has questions and has a wiki, blog, and other help pages. All of these are listed in her WizIQ session at the very end (and here). DEFINITELY check it out if you need some ideas!

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