Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just got a new toy! The flip ultra 2 gb (60 min of recording time). What is so neat about this is that you take some video, edit it within the camera, connect it to a computer via usb, upload the video to youtube or send it more privately as a link in an email.

This is so cool! Just right for classroom video. So easy to use for kiddos as young as kindergarten and very applicable for older students such as HS'ers.

I could see a classroom set of 6+ for projects etc. A great alternative to other digital cameras w/ video capabilities that require processing of the clips etc. I'm planning on bringing it into my IB myp classroom!




Jeff Lewis said...


I agree totally! I got one for Christmas and I love it. I had no idea about the internal editing though. Maybe mine isn't as fancy. I love the idea of using this in the classroom, but how? Hmmm.

I took this to my stepdad's 80th birthday party this weekend and it was a total hit. It is very satisfying to shoot a video and then to immediately be able to watch it. Maybe that's the draw for students, the instant feedback of shooting and watching, then modifying what you shoot next.

Dave Tarwater said...


Great little camera, I use mine often. CNN gave a flip camera to Colorado Rep Jared Polis to record his first days in Washington D.C.