Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Global Learners,

I need some feedback from you regarding professional development.

If you had an opportunity to meet with other Global Learners from around the district to plan, collaborate, etc, would you? If yes, who would you meet with and how would you use this time?

Basically, what would be the most beneficial for you? What kind of conversations and worktime would you most like to see at this point in the school year?

If you're feeling burned out and technology integration is not the first thing on your mind these days, I hear you loud and clear. But at the same time, I went to the CoLearning technology conference a few weeks back, and it amazed me how invigorating a simple conversation can be. There is SO much to learn and discuss with other like-minded individuals. So tell me what your ideal technology PD would look like.



Kelly Berry said...

I'm excited to arrange a collaboration meeting with anyone in the elementary level. I think I would get more from meeting with several GL rather than just visiting a classroom at a time.

Jeff Lewis said...

I like the idea of a pow-wow, where everyone gathers in one place to have large and small group conversations.

I think the focus should be on creating collaborative opportunities. I think we have an unprecedented opportunity as GLs to build collaborative projects, we just need the chance to chat and find out what each other feels comfortable with.

The other focus could be on the table of expectations for spring which is very rigorous. Let's get together and create products so that we can kill multiple birds with one stone.

Liz Springer said...

Great ideas, Jeff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think meeting with other GL is a great idea. It would really be beneficial for me to meet with other 2nd grade teachers to share ideas/technology lessons that are used in the classroom.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I definitely agree that time to talk with other colleagues and share ideas would be very valuable. On our work day, Jon and I spent some time in the afternoon sharing the coolest features we'd been using on the SmartBoard and figuring out some new ones together. I came away with some new ideas and renewed excitement.

Also, at the beginning of the year we, as Global Learners, talked a bit about a place to share lessons and files and I still think that would be valuable. I would love to be able to look through some of the products Jeff has already created and share ones that I have. We can all kill birds together.

doug.abshire said...

Hi. I'd like to see what others are doing and based on that, then create collaborative relationships both within the HS and between the HS and the 2 MS.

Given time and money, I'd also like to see what is happening outside of our school district at the MS and Hs level.

Thanks to Liz for posting this...

DLo said...

Collaborating with others at the elementary level would be fabulous! This is mostly what I've heard from many other teachers who are not GLs. It really comes down setting aside the time and then buckling down and doing it! I'd love to meet up with everyone again! I think that most people would love to sit with other teachers and not be talked at. I'm down!