Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smart Slate

So I have begun tackling the Smart Slate! I really enjoy using but admittedly struggle a bit with my hand-eye coordination. My focus tends to shift completely to the board vs the students BUT luckily they are so engaged with watching my "magic" on the board that my lessons have still been successful. As I approach proficiency with the Smart Slate I am eager for more ideas on how to integrate it into more lessons. I will post more as they come but please let me know how you have been using Smart Slate in your room!

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Jon Fisher said...

Jenny, great job using Smart Slate. I have one of the older slates and it is hard to use with any precision whatsoever. (Hint, hint, Smartboard people). I have used it when the students are at the Smartboard center and they get stuck and don't know what to click or circle and I am stuck at my desk with a small group.