Thursday, February 10, 2011

Voice Amplification

I am so excited that I recently received a REDCAT classroom audio system. This is a voice amplification system that allows my students to hear my voice regardless of where I am standing in the classroom.

Students also love getting a chance to try out the microphone for themselves! During English language development class, students have the opportunity to speak in complete sentences using the microphone. Students will begin with a sentence frame, "My favorite food is________ because _________." Students will take turns speaking and responding to each other. In order to ensure 85% engagement while one student is speaking into the microphone I have all the students repeat what was said using the child's name in front of their sentence, "John's favorite food is _______because_____." The students are very excited to speak in the microphone and to hear their friends!


Kelly Berry said...

Sweet! I bet the system has impacted your instructional immensely by allowing you to speak with a regular speaking voice.

What a great way to engage and increase your students' oral language skills. Thanks for sharing your story!

Joseph Miller said...

I like how this is being used with ELL students. Really good idea. Do you have the option to also record what the students are saying with the REDCAT? There was a music teacher years ago at Hanson PK-8 that would record his students reading letters they had written about music and culture, then he would edit the recording to create a fluent sounding recording. The students could then compare their original with the fluent version to hear the difference.