Monday, February 28, 2011

Lesson Plan 2 Anne and Jesse

Glet: Read, interpret, and draw conclusion from a line graph, bar graph, circle graph, and frequency table.

Objective: Students will be able to accurately determine information about other students jumping jacks ability when given a line graph displaying this data.
Vocabulary: X-axis, Y-axis, Title, intervals, labels,
I Do: Teacher will review reading line graphs giving multiple examples and stressing vocabulary

We Do: teacher and students will practice reading line graphs. Students will be shown a line graph and asked a question about some of the data (What was the high temperature in Denver on Monday 2/23). Students will click in answers. Teacher will address confusion until 85% of students are answering correctly.
Teacher will then walk students through the process of posting their graphs from previous days lesson in a power point document and record audio. Students will have 4-5 slides and they will post their graph on each slide.

You Do: Students will create 4-5 questions that ask the reader to interpret their jumping-jaxs graph. They will write one question on each slide. Students who finish before other students will record themselves reading the question.
Students will then be given 5 min to move to another student’s computer and answer one question about their graph. Students will record their answer on a sheet of paper to be turned in at the end of class.
Assessment: students will turn in their answers to each other’s questions.

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