Monday, February 28, 2011

Graphing Lesson 1 --Anne and Jesse

Part 1 of a 2 day lesson

GLET: Read, interpret and draw conclusions from a line graph, bar graph, circle graph and frequency table.

Objective: Students will gather data, create a line graph, accurately label all parts on the graph, and create questions that analyze their graph

Vocabulary: x-axis, y-axis, title, intervals, labels,

I Do:

1. Demonstrate how to collect data.

2. Demonstrate how to make a line graph on excel

We Do:

1. Collect data (Students will have made a table for this on notebook paper)

a. Students will count how many jumping jacks they can do in 15 seconds and record

b. 30 seconds and record

c. 45 seconds and record

d. 60 seconds and record

2. Make their individual graphs on excel. Save so they can use it tomorrow.

You Do : Answer:

1. Label all parts of the graph

2. Create 2-4 questions that would have to be answered by reading their graph

Assessment: The graphs created with accurate labels and questions created.

Resources: Computer for each student, timer, data collection worksheets

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