Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Plants in your classroom

I'd like to put plants in my classroom this year and wondered if anyone already does this. I want to make environmentally-conscious thinkers out of my students, and thought I'd start with greening up my classroom. Any ideas on what would be good plants for my room that won't require too much work? I do have some natural light in my room, but I'm not sure where to go from there. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!


Joseph Miller said...


I have heard Philodendroms and Peace Lillies are easy to keep alive and don't require much light, but I have not personal experience with these. I have a brown thumb, but have been successful owning a ficus, cactus, and aloe vera. Good luck.


Dave Tarwater said...


Great idea. I will email you some links where teachers share what types of plants have grown well for them.

DLo said...


The lucky bamboo is a super easy to take care of! All it requires is water! (I use use bottled water for mine and it's still green). Very little maintenance.