Sunday, August 31, 2008

An invitation to join my classroom blog + classroom domain

Hello fellow Globaler's. I'd like to send an invitation to you to join my google enterprise account (domain) and blog(s) which are presently being used for my 09 chemistry and AP biology classes.

My AP students are already members of the domain and the blog. They will be considering the arguments for and against the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research and (hopefully) be posting their comments/opinions on the blog in the next few days. This will be their first interactive assignment via the blog.

Now that the new HS students (i.e. 9th grade) have their email accounts, I will be inviting them to join the domain and blog this week. I want to be able to do some international school to school interactions throught the myp IB forum(s) at .

Anyway, I am and will be interested in your constructive criticism of my google sites and blog(s) as they evolve throughout this year.

The AP blog is at: and the google sites are at but you need to email me at to become a user of the sites or an author of the blog.

Thanks for your time, Doug

(update 9/2/8... those darn HS English teachers are using the library just about everyday for something called "blogging" ... looks like my 09 chem kids will get into the library in about 2 weeks :] )

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Joseph Miller said...


I just read the most recent post on your AP Biology blog regarding the ethics of stem cell research. I like the lead in and the questions. These are a thought provoking and challenging set of quotes and questions. The work is college level and will prepare students well for the AP test.

I will definitely stay tuned into this class as the debate rages this semester. Thanks, Joe