Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Data collection

Statistics is one of the first topics covered in many math classes at the high school this term. After talking to a colleague during a meeting today about the Olympics and the physique of an Olympic runner and swimmer, we discussed collecting data on student's heights, arm spans, foot length, hand spans, and arm length (in cm). We are going to ask other teachers in our building to collect this data from their classes and compile the data in a collaborative spreadsheet (probably using Google docs spreadsheet). It would be awesome if we could collect more data on this from different schools and beyond, so if anyone is interested in this would you please give me your e-mail so I can invite you to share the Google doc. My e-mail is clmac@adams14.org. Thanks!


Joseph Miller said...

Cool idea. You could use a google form...I think. Haven't done this myself, but I bet it will work.

I could definitely help out and promote this project around.


doug.abshire said...

Would you use a t-test analysis? (Accept / reject the null hypothesis) If so, I'd be interested in using this in my AP bio class. Shoot me an email or see me in the halls. Doug

doug.abshire said...

also, perhaps an application to the chi-square test?

Am looking for application examples of statistics in biological systems. What can we work out between ouir classes?