Sunday, August 3, 2008

a couple of cool sites and a request to share others ...

Hi all. Here are a couple of cool science related websites you might want to check out.

animation (3 min) "the inner life of a cell"

A great visual representation of the inner workings of a cell.

ted talk...(the inner life of a cell) by David Bolinski

The discussion "ted talk" about the animation.

A great website for measurement conversions "converting boring things to real life objects as you type".

For example a 210 lb person weighs the equivalent of 19 average domestic cats or 5.3 microwaves!

I am hoping that we can (as a group) begin to email (better yet post to this blog!) each other links to "cool sites".

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Doug Abshire

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Dave Tarwater said...

Great resources, I especially enjoy the sensible units, I discovered that I live on the equivalent of 5.4 tennis courts.