Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fifth Grade Class Website and Blog

I've created a classroom website that my class of 5th graders will be using to post assignment, run a blog, and communicate with parents/other classes with. This website is separate from my Global Learners website, and I'm sure my kids would be ecstatic to see other teachers commenting on their posts. I'd love to hear suggestions or comments about what we have done so far.

Also, I've posted my Global Learner's video done last year. It's a technology-infused measurement lesson done in a bilingual 1st grade classroom.

Much more will be posted soon:

Mr. Palmer's 5th Grade

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Jon Fisher said...

Nice website. Its very clean looking and easy to navigate. All the links are working. One thing I like about it is that each page has a similar color and typeface schemata. This lends an organized and cohesive look to the website.
I can't wait to see your student work. One think I do in my classroom is have a weekly student photographer who documents our classroom activities for our website. Good Job!