Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Teacher Toolbox

My adviser in grad school used to constantly give us copies of activities to put in out "Teacher Toolbox". He described this as a treasure box (much like the ones I remember from the dentist and doctors offices) that would have lots of "goodies" in it to choose from. I still have my toolbox which now consumes 2 of my file cabinet drawers. Today, I feel like my "Teacher Toolbox" has now become a black hole because it seems as if my options are limitless!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the format for today's training. I thought it was fantastic that we got a "quick and dirty" of all of the things we can do with our new technology- and instead of half of us being intrigued and asking questions (and the other have probably still trying to save their Avitar characters). We were able to ask questions and familiarize ourselves with the technology most pertinent to us as individuals. I have never been to a more constructivist-based training and thoroughly look forward tomorrow's adventures!!


Joseph Miller said...


I like the metaphor of the treasure box. As you grow as a teacher and expand your digital tool box I hope you are able to share with other teachers. A google site, blog, or even a wiki would be a great place to organize and share your "stuff".


Dave Tarwater said...


It is so exciting to see the enthusiasm of all the group these last 2 days. I know we will all strive to choose the right tools to deliver the best quality instruction to out students and it the process have lots of fun.

Justin said...


You're right; there are so many options and ideas that now line our digital "treasure boxes."

I am really looking forward to practicing with some of the amazing ideas we've have disucssed here.