Sunday, June 8, 2008

Google Calendar and Classroom2.0

So today I was playing around with google calendar. I set up two calendars, one for second graders to see and one for my stuff. I then embedded the second grade calendar into my website on The cool thing (which you might have already known) is that when I go into google calendar and add events for second grade, it updates on the website. There is also a feature when looking at the calendar from the website to 'add to my calendar' so if any of my parents (or your older students) have their own google calendars, then can add the events and information to their personal one. I'll include a link so you can see it, but I'm not sure if it will work because you have to be signed into kemp room 12 Otherwise, you'll have to search for it. (I don't have anything else on the website right now, but I hope to by the beginning of the year.)

Also, like Liz, I found another great website for and by teachers infusing technology. They have a lot a resources wiki, forums, blogs and more.

One last comment- I love RSS. Now that I know about several blogs and sites I want to keep up with, I don't have to constantly check them to see if anyone posted something new. I just have to subscribe and check one site-google reader.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.


Dave Tarwater said...


What a great start for your 2nd grade community at Kemp. I look forward to seeing how it is developed. I think the embedded calendar will be useful to your students and their families.

Jeff Lewis said...

Those rss feeds and Google Reader are a life saver. I know it took me a long time to get used to using it, but it definitely helped me keep track of everybody who was blogging.

Christine Mac said...

Using an embedded calendar is a great idea! I will be trying that for my classes next fall.

Joseph Miller said...

I love Google calendar (I love most things Google does).

Check out this blog entry from last summer about RSS and the calendar:

If you use your RSS feeder to monitor a calendar you get an update message every time the calendar is changed. Cool!