Sunday, June 22, 2008

Math technology

I just took a technology class for math teachers up at UNC and learned about some new software that I thought was pretty cool.

Fathom software has some great statistics and algebra capabilities. We did some activities analyzing data. If you find a web site with data on it that you want to analyze, you can grab the icon next to the web address in your browser and drop it into an open fathom worksheet and the data will be transferred right into your worksheet. This ability is pretty time saving when you want to analyze a bunch of data. There is a free instructor's evaluation copy online at the link below.

The other software that I thought was useful was GeoGebra. This one is completely free and you can download it at the link below. This has many of the same abilities as Geometer's Sketchpad but it is free. This was cool to me because students don't have sketchpad at home and this software system seems a little easier to use.


Ross Isenegger said...

I haven't had a really good look at Geogebra, but it is clear that it is informed by The Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri.

It is an interesting question about the morality of using one product to inspire so much of another - like making MS Office compatibility one of its main design foci.

I keep a page of Sketchpad resources that you might be interested in. I also have some blog posts that you might like.

Joseph Miller said...


Great resource!