Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good day

I think the hardest part for me today was staying focused. I'd learn about one thing, start figuring out if and how I could use it in my classroom and then I'd have to move on to something else! Good thing we had those sessions later in the day. :)

Oh... and my blog can be found here... it's only started discussing Global Learner related "stuff" (sorry for the technical term), but more will be added as things go, and I've been using it as my official "teacher blog" in general, giving my students from last year a bit of a glimpse into my summer, but also being open to discussions related to Global Learner, IB, and teaching in general.


Lisa Kellogg said...

Todd, I agree with your feeling of not being focused. I just hope I can remember what I learned about each thing, so when I work on it some more I don't have to start from scratch again.

Joseph Miller said...

Lisa and Todd. I noticed that Christine Mac was taking really good notes on her computer. Perhaps she will post those later to the blog.

Dave Tarwater said...


I would be interested in knowing how you teach your Climbing Eagles techniques in focusing, that must be a critical element in rock climbing???